About Us

Who We Are

The Centre for Environmental Law and Governance (CELG) is a non-governmental organization working to promote a well governed society whose rights are respected and protected. The organization was conceived in January 2009 by four eminent scholars and practitioners in the field of law, governance, environmental justice and community development. CELG was officially registered in September 2009 and is on the fore front in the fields of capacity enhancement, rights advocacy and policy engagement.

In addition to these responsibilities towards the public, CELG also advocates on behalf of citizens affected by economic or social activities on the environment and natural resources. Understanding also the need for responsible leadership towards national development, CELG promotes all aspects of good governance.

CELG extends its commitment to include working with other civil society organizations, local government authorities, development organizations, and the general public to direct their resources towards better and responsible environmental stewardship, rights protection and the promotion of legal aid and legal education.

Since its inception in 2009 CELG has worked on various long projects in Kilwa, Liwale, and Ruangwa districts in Lindi Region, Rufiji, Bagamoyo, and Mafia districts in the Coast Region, Mbozi and Momba Districts in Mbeya Region, and Hanang, Kiteto, Mbulu, and Babati districts in Manyara

Our organizational structure
Our organization structure comprises three main organs which are the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Management. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all members. This is the highest policy making and governing organ within the organization. It has powers to make final decisions in all matters of the organization, including strategic plans.

The AGM meets once every fiscal year, usually in mid-June. However, an Extraordinary General Meeting can be convened at any time if and when deemed necessary. All members are eligible to attend and vote and decisions are made by a simple majority.  The Board of Directors comprises of five eminent candidates with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. The Board supervises implementation of all decisions and directives of the AGM and CELG’s constitution. It meets four times a year depending on the issue calling for discussion.  

Our management and support team is a unique blend of multi-disciplinary professionals with specialized expertise in administration, finance, law, governance, community empowerment, and project management. The management team supervises all other staffs and daily activities, and is headed by the Executive Director who is also the organization’s spokesperson. 

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